Iliana Francineth Curiel Arismendy


Iliana pertains to the Sapuana, a caste of the Wayuu ethnicity, and is known in her homeland as << the lover of social pediatrics >>. For Iliana it is important to promote the culture to which she belongs with social sensitivity and a critical attitude that utilizes research and leadership to improve the conditions of Colombian children, while keeping in mind their ways of life and cultural practices.

She studied pediatrics and completed a Master’s in public health at the Universidad del Norte – Barranquilla. She also studied English at the University of Alabama. She has worked as a teacher on the Chair of Pediatric Clinics – Outpatient IMCI Program of Medicine and Fellowship in Pediatrics and in the Psychoactive Development “Stomp” Program at the Universidad del Norte. In addition, she has served as a specialist in pediatric intensive care units, both neonatal and outpatient.

Research Awards and Recognition

• First Place – Award for Best Research Project in Residents granted by the Pediatric Society of the Atlántico. Barranquilla, Colombia 2009.
• Second Place – Outstanding Pediatric Resident Award from the Colombian Society of Pediatrics at the XXVI National Congress of Pediatrics. Cartagena, Colombia 2009.
• Third Place – Award for Best Research in Pediatrics issued by the Colombian Society of Pediatrics at the XXVI National Congress of Pediatrics Research Competition. Title: << Comprehensive pediatric care for children from homes in La Guajira >> ICBF. Cartagena, Colombia 2009.
• Second Place – Colsubsidio Pediatric Research Award granted in the X Biennial of Pediatrics. Title: << Knowledge, attitudes and practices towards childhood diseases prevalent in indigenous Wayuu mothers in Cabo de la Vela >>. Bogota D. C., Colombia 2010.
•Second Place – Best Pediatric Research project in the category “Case report” awarded by the Latin American Association of Pediatrics in the XVI Latin American Congress of Pediatrics Pediatric Research Competition. Title: << Minimally invasive treatment of giant omphalocele >>. Cartagena, Colombia 2012.
• Second Place – Best Paper Award for Pediatric Research in the Experimental Studies Category awarded by the Colombian Society of Pediatrics at the XXVIII National Congress of Pediatrics. Title: << Ethnic education intervention in childhood diseases prevalent in young Wayuu of Maicao, La Guajira 2011 – 2012 >>. Cartagena, Colombia 2013.

Foto Perfil Iliana
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