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Zumbathon for our “Children of the Sun” in Buffalo NY and Bogota

The Guajira Zumbathon, a fundraiser for the Foundation Los Hijos del Sol or ‘Children of the Sun’, will be held on July 16 and August 21, 2016, in Buffalo NY and Bogota, Colombia,  The funds from the event will go towards providing medical attention to Colombian children from the indigenous community, the Wayuu, through the Foundation’s Indigenous Children Integral Health Fairs. The Colombian Zumba instructor Paula Andrea Acosta Zuluaga has decided to offer her time and talents and lead this event to benefit the Wayuu children.

The Wayuu indigenous group live in the northernmost region of Colombia called La Guajira, a zone that is known for its high level of poverty, low access to medical care, and scarcity of food and water. Many Wayuu children living in La Guajira have died as a result of hunger and malnutrition, but with your support of the Foundation Los Hijos del Sol, desperately needed medical care can be provided to a greater number of Wayuu children.


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Editorial: Eleonora Arango Castrillón – Executive Director
Translation: Ruth Bishop
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