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Los Hijos Del Sol Foundation – Süchonni Ka’i, signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Universidad del Norte’s Univolunteers Program

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-01 a la(s) 4.45.57 PMOn November 3rd of this year, Dr. Alma Diazgranados Melendez of the Universidad del Norte, who also serves as the Legal Representative to the Foundation Los Hijos Del Sol- Süchonni Ka’i, signed a cooperation agreement with the president of Los Hijos Del Sol, Iliana Curiel Arismedy.

The central objective of this cooperation between the Universidad del Norte and the Foundation Los Hijos Del Sol is to increase the involvement of the Universidad del Norte’s Univolunteer program in initiatives sponsored by Los Hijos Del Sol. Los Hijos Del Sol – Süchonni Ka’i Foundation thanks the Director General of Univolunteers, María Amaris Macías, for opening the doors of her program and believing that alliances are the basis for the development of interventions that generate both economic and social value to communities.

Editorial: Eleonora Arango Castrillón – Executive Director
Translation: Ruth Bishop
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