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First health fair with the children of Cabo

The Foundation Los Hijos del Sol – Süchonni Ka’i, with the support of the Indigenous Yanama Organization, organized a health brigade in a community in Cabo de la Vela, Colombia, where only 8% of the population was healthy. During the health brigade, they attended 293 children with acute respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, and skin diseases. The purpose of the Foundation’s initiative was to promote the use of the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Comprehensive Care Strategy tools for good health and prevention of childhood diseases in the community.

The medical team completed a nutritional diagnostic in children under 5 years and found that 13% of the children were at nutritional risk, two children had malnutrition (without hospitalization criteria), and the rest of the children (84%) had a healthy size and weight. The medical team also promoted breastfeeding, provided recreational activities for the children at the health fair, and dewormed 90% of the population.



It took a team of nurses, pediatricians, and doctors to provide integral care to this population

News: Al día – Wednesday August 12, 2015
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