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Children of the Pesuapa Indigenous Community received Integral Child Health Care

The teacher and leader Isolina Silva of the Wayuu indigenous community of Pesuapa in rural Manaure, La Guajira, Colombia, opened its doors to Los Hijos del Sol- Süchonni ka’i last April 30 to bring comprehensive care in child health to the community. The initiative, which was created by the pediatrician Iliana Curiel Arizzmendy to bring indigenous communities specialized care, joined with physician Yoselin Fontalvo, dentist Henrys García Medina, psychologist Janielka Curiel, physiotherapist Innirida Curiel, Executive Director of Los Hijos del Sol- Süchonni ka’i Eleonora Arango Castrillón, active soldiers of the National Army of Colombia, Physical Education, Recreation and Sports students from the University of La Guajira, and a team of volunteers to make this day unforgettable for the children of this region.

During the medical outreach, a total of 115 children were treated. It was found that 47% of the attended pediatric population suffered from acute respiratory infections and 10% suffered from skin diseases, while 23% were in good health. 100% of the children and young people were wormed. As for dental patients, 70% presented some form of oral disease.

The medical team completed a nutritional diagnostic in children under 5 years and found 5 cases of acute malnutrition (home management) and 10 cases of children at risk of malnutrition. In children five years and older, the team found that 20% of the children had stunted growth. The actions taken by the foundation were to report the cases of malnutrition to the competent authorities and then refer these patients to the EPS (Entidad Promotora de Salud).


The pediatrician Iliana Curiel says that “with our Comprehensive Health Care Fairs, we are making advances in ethnographic research that will enhance the health of indigenous communities. Besides promoting health and preventing disease, these health fairs provide indigenous children and adolescents with the opportunity to receive pediatric care in their home environments. “

Editorial: Eleonora Arango Castrillón – Executive Director
Photos: Marbel Vanegas
Translation: Ruth Bishop
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