The Foundation Los Hijos del Sol reaches the Wiwa community, El Limon Health Fair for Wiwas of the Sierra

The Foundation Los Hijos del Sol – Süchonni Ka’i came to the Wiwa indigenous community El Limon, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta in the Riohacha jurisdiction of the Caribbean Highway, to lead a health and wellness fair for Wiwa families living in this sector of the department.

This health fair in indigenous children was supported by the instructor of human development Dolka Ramirez of SENA (International Learning Service), the physician Auvedel Nieves who belongs to the Wiwa indigenous community, Alba Jose Moreno, the director of Public Health of Riohacha and her team from the Collective Interventions Plan, and the General Manager of the foundation Eleonora Arango and her team of volunteers. During the fair the foundation promoted the use of the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Comprehensive Care Strategy tools for good health and prevention of childhood diseases in the community.

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Pediatricians attended children presenting cases of diarrhea and malnutrition. Children in the community, El Limón.

During the health fair, 100 children were treated. The principal diseases present were: acute diarrheal disease (40%), acute respiratory infection (35%), skin diseases (9%) and anemia (6%).

The medical team completed a nutritional diagnostic in children under 5 years and found that 25% of the children were at nutritional risk and 1 child was malnourished while the rest of the population had a healthy size and weight. The team also provided dental kits and promoted practices such as the provision of micronutrients to children, breastfeeding and the use of traditional indigenous and Western games to promote the mental and social development of the children.

News: Al día – Saturday December 12, 2015
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