Periodically we realize Integral Child Health Care Fairs in indigenous communities. These fairs provide pediatric care and nutritional diagnosis and monitoring to the populations served. We also discuss tips and healthy grooming and oral hygiene practices based on their culture and customs. During the fairs, children play traditional indigenous games to stimulate their neurodevelopmental as well as promote their culture and preserve their ethnic identity.

With your contribution we will reach more indigenous communities. If you want to help these children with some kind of online donation, please follow the donation instructions below:
Bank donations in Colombia
Beneficiary: Fundación Los Hijos del Sol – Süchonni Ka’i
NIT: 900365498 – 5
Bank: Bancolombia
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 526 – 435934-41

If you require technical support please contact Bancolombia:
+ 57-1-343-0000 and press the number 2.

Please send a copy of the consignment to our email

ment to our email

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Donations Policy

The Fundación Los Hijos del Sol – Süchonni Ka’i is a non-profit organization empowered to accept various donations made by individuals or legal entities from Colombia and from countries around the world. These donations can be made in cash, assets, property or professional services. Similarly, we accept donations of intellectual property such as royalties, research, copyrights, patents, contract rights and similar intangible interests with the prior approval of our Gift Acceptance Committee headed by the Executive Director, Eleonora Arango Castrillón.

To assure that donations reach our final beneficiaries, please contact us by phone (571) 3104644074 or email us at The Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any donation and issue a record of donations received, as prescribed by law.

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